Recover Data from Corrupt, Damaged and Deleted FAT and NTFS Windows Partitions

MS Windows, the most popular operating system, commonly uses FAT and NTFS file systems. In normal situations they perform excellently and help users to store and retrieve data very quickly and effectively. But there can arise some situations in which they fail to do so, especially because of reasons like partitions structure damages, disk formatting, deletion of partitions, bad sectors on hard disk, Windows registry corruption, accidental file deletions, system issues, and virus attacks. The Windows data becomes completely inaccessible and users turn upset and frustrated. Is there any real solution to this issue?

Windows Partition Recovery

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Windows Data Recovery

The Windows data recovery is a designed to deal with the Windows data inaccessibility issues. It recovers lost data from FAT 16/FAT 32 and NTFS/NTFS 5 files systems of Windows accurately after a thorough scanning of the hard disk. Also, this tool can be used with IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, PEN, ZIP, and USB drives.

Windows Data Recovery in Multiple Recovery Modes

Windows data recovery, endowed with advanced recovery algorithms, scans the corrupt or damaged hard drive or partitions to recover the data with complete accuracy. In order to deal with data inaccessibility issues of all levels, it is designed with three recovery modes, namely Quick Scan, Extensive Scan and File Trace.

  Recovery Mode
Quick Scan Extensive Scan File Trace
Description Normal Scanning Thorough Scanning Sector-by-Sector Scanning
Speed Very Fast Normal Speed Normal Speed
Recommended Order of Use For initial scanning Use if the expected results are not achieved by Quick Scan Use if Quick Scan an Extensive Scan fails to achieve satisfactory results
Deleted Item recovery Recently deleted items Deleted items that are not recovered by Quick Scan Items deleted very long time back
Reasons of corruption addressed
  • MFT damage
  • File system corruption
  • Presence of bad sectors on disk
  • Index corruption
  • hard disk formatting
  • hard disk partition deletions / recreations
  • all unresolved issues
Advanced Features you See in Windows Data Recovery tool

The Windows data recovery is a feature-rich application that is designed to meet the data recovery requirements of all types of Windows users in all situations of data inaccessibility. Here is the list of exceptional features that you see only in Windows Data Recovery.

  1. Configure the Recovery Settings:
  2. Before starting the recovery you can configure the recovery settings by setting:

    • Sectors to read in single attempt
    • Rename, overwrite, or skip the duplicate files
    • Include deleted files in the search, exclude deleted files from recovered files, or only recover the deleted files
    • Number of retries on bad sectors
  3. Find Files:
    • This option helps you find only the files of a particular format.

  4. File Filters:
    • This option is same as the Find Files option, but here you have the advantage that you can specify more than one file format.

  5. Save Recovery Snapshot:
    • Use this option to pause the recovery process so that it can be resumed at a later time.

  6. Load Recovery Snapshot:
    • This option helps you resume a paused recovery process.

Try before you Purchase

Before you purchase of Windows recovery software, you are advised to try its free trial version. Purchase the full version only after convincing yourself about the effectiveness of this too. However, please check the installation requirements before downloading.


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