Windows 7 is a beta that means there are a lot of bugs present in it which might anger you while we use this OS at this time testing period. But the point to be considered is that we can actually do a lot to avoid these bugs and prevent any problem from happening. Following is a list of problem solving and easy fix tips. If still not able to resolve Windows issue, go for Windows partition recovery.

Use Windows 7 Troubleshooting tool

There is this Troubleshooting tool in Control Panel, open it and you’ll see options like configuring devices, connecting to a network and assuring your sound card works perfectly. There are a number of options and this is good place to start in case the system comes across any problem.

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In current modern era, you might come across a lot of horror data loss situation, where recovering data becomes almost impossible. During these times of hard disk data loss, running hard drive is not suggested. Mentioned below are the steps towards performing windows partition recovery :

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